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PCWS History

PCWS was founded in 1998 by Natural History Film Researcher Hope Walker. The project started with a website, "Primates Online", and a goal of uniting various primate organizations under one umbrella in order to maximize the public's connection with non-human primates and the many tribulations which they face. As traffic to the website continued to swell, and the need for additional primate sanctuaries became more evident, the project developed into a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the goal of establishing a primate sanctuary in Washington State. With additional assistance from a strong Board of Directors and an Advisory Board of additional experts, PCWS is poised to launch our next, important, step - the PCWS Primate Sanctuary.

PCWS Timeline at a Glance:

1998 PCWS was founded and our website was launched in the fall. We became an incorporated organization and applied for tax-exemption status with the Internal Revenue Service.

1999 PCWS launched our Primates in Entertainment campaign, to parallel our on-going Primates As Pets campaign. We spear-headed a letter-writing campaign against The Chimp Channel, a Turner Broadcasting Production, which halted production in December 1999. We also began our Bushmeat Poster Project campaign, and produced a full color poster and action kit. We also redesigned our website, and held several on-line campaigns, and became tax-exempt in 1999. We began to develop our Primate Sanctuary Project, and actively began meeting with other primate sanctuaries and developing a base of support for the project.

2000 PCWS rescued a rhesus macaque monkey, Gilligan, from a horrifying pet situation. We expanded our investigation into several abuse and cruelty cases and worked with national and international law enforcement agencies. We began development of our Orangutan Poster Project, which will culminate in a full color poster and action kit in 2001. We began an investigation into PJ, a capuchin monkey living in a dentist office in Seattle, and continue to stay actively involved in that situation. We continued to develop plans for our primate sanctuary and received a grant from the Ahimsa Foundation in order to assist us. Tim Ajax joined PCWS and became Board President. We published two issues of Faces From The Forest, our member newsletter, and Nick Malone, a student at Central Washington University, received a PCWS Conservation Grant in the amount of $500.00 toward his investigation of the illegal trade in non-human primates in southeast Asia.

In 2001 PCWS continues to develop our Primate Sanctuary Program, as well as our Orangutan Poster Project. We have continued to stay involved in activism regarding PJ, as well as many other primates in crisis. We have actively assisted members of the general public in the placement of ex-"pet" monkeys and have been involved in discussions with two ape owners, seeking sanctuary. We have become a member of The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS) and our Board President attended the TAOS conference in March of this year. We continue to expand upon our Primates in Entertainment campaign, which now included profiles and details regarding some of the nations top commerical, film and television trainers. We have also continued our Primates As Pets campaign, and have designed a fact sheet and mini-poster for distribution by activists and other organizations.