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Faces from the Forest
PCWS Newsletter Action Center

PCWS publishes our print members newsletter, "Faces From the Forest", three times a year. The newsletter contains articles and information regarding our work to protect and conserve non-human primates. Book reviews and interviews with important experts and writers are also included.

Subscription is free to members and supporters of PCWS. If you would like to recieve our newsletter, please become a member of PCWS.

This page, the Newsletter Action Center, acts as a supplement to "Faces From the Forest" by providing further information about the various topics discussed in the newsletter.

Topics from the Current Issue:
  • Herpes B Information
    We have a range of resources to help you learn more about the Herpes B virus. Please visit our Herpes B Information page.

  • The Gilligan Rescue Story
    To read more about Gilligan the rhesus macaque, please see our full Gilligan Rescue Report.

  • Miss Waldren's Red Colubus
    Miss Waldren's Red Colubus is almost certainly extinct. To help prevent other colubus species succumbing to the same fate, please visit the Tai Forest Monkey Project.