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 •Action Kit

Bushmeat Action Kit

PCWS has compiled the following set of PDF documents to help you join the fight against the bushmeat trade.
  • Bushmeat Poster Order Form
    Please order our fantastic Bushmeat Poster. Join us in this important campaign.

  • Bushmeat Petition
    Sign our Bushmeat Petition and share it with friends and family. Every signature will make a difference.

  • Top Ten Things You Can Do
    A list of things you can do to help stop the bushmeat trade.

  • Letter Writing Tips
    A set of tips to help you write your letters of concern/action.

  • African Sanctuaries
    A list of contacts for sanctuaries in Africa. At ground zero, every penny makes a difference.

  • R.A.N. Report
    A report from the Rainforest Action Network (R.A.N) on the importation of African hardwoods to the United States.

  • R.A.N. Report Address List
    A list of logging and import companies related to the Rainforest Action Network Report.

  • African Officials
    A list of African officials who you can contact to ask for changes in commerical logging operations.