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The PCWS Conservation Grant Program

The Primate Conservation & Welfare Society (PCWS) is dedicated to the protection of wild and captive primates. Our Conservation Grant Program was established to support field conservation efforts that help wild primate populations. The intent of the program is to provide support for original research, on-going research, and conservation projects which formulate and/or implement conservation plans for the species studied. PCWS Conservation Grants may also provide seed monies for graduate students or qualified conservationists and primatologists to study and protect rare and endangered primates in their natural habitat. Priority is given to those projects that study and/or support the least known and most endangered primate species. Grants average approximately $500 US. If funds allow, the number of grants as well as the grant amount will increase in future. Currently PCWS offers one grant per annum.

To apply for a grant, please use our application forms.

The grant deadline is June 30, 2001.