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Adopt An Acre For the PCWS Sanctuary

The start-up phase for projects like ours is never easy. With so many animals in immediate need, it can be difficult for potential donors to look at the long-term benefits which another primate sanctuary can bring. However, the few primate sanctuaries in the United States are either completely full and turning away animals, or are very close to that point. Another primate sanctuary is needed, and needed today, if we want to protect non-human primates in crisis.

In order to facilitate the purchase of land for our sanctuary, we have developed our Adopt-An-Acre Campaign. For $8,500.00 you can "adopt" an acre of land for our sanctuary. One hundred percent of your donation will be placed into our interest-bearing Sanctuary Fund, and will be used to purchase land for our primate sanctuary. Supporters of our Adopt-An-Acre campaign will be memorialized at the sanctuary property with a tree planted in memory of their generous gift.

Please consider assisting us with this project. We need 30 individuals, corporations or foundations to commit to this amount in order to make the sanctuary a reality. Please contact us if you can help.