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This list has been compiled from data from the PCWS files, the PeTA circus website, and the Animal Protection Institute website.

A Partial List of Incidents: Non-Human Primates in Entertainment and Those Kept as Pets - 2001

10/10/01 Indonesia - Pet monkey with member of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) is part of demonstration in front of US Embassy in Jakarta.

09/09/01 New Hampshire - A monkey is spotted roaming the Danville area. It is believed to be an escaped pet. Experts are concerned that the monkey will die due to exposure.

08/20/01 Watertown - A female squirrel monkey, missing from the Bramble Park Zoo for more than four days, is returned unharmed.

08/18/01 Kentucky - A pet monkey bites a 6-year-old girl during a county festival and tests negative for rabies. Owners get jail time for initially failing to turn monkey over to authorities.

07/27/01 West Virginia - Pet monkey bites 3 children and is placed under quarentine while he is tested for Herpes B and rabies. Tests negative fore Herpes B.

07/25/01 Arizona - Custody battle over "Mason Alan", a macaque, was decided and Shirley Godee maintained custody.

07/19/01 Utah - "Whiplash the Monkey" photographed riding Border Collie in rodeo at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City.

07/04/01 Hong Kong - Authorities capture an escaped macaque, thought to have been a pet.

06/16/200 Mexico - Actress Salma Hayek is attacked by monkey on the set of upcoming feature film, Frida.

06/09/01 Washington - Woodland Park Zoo euthanizes 20-year-old lion-tailed macaque which tests positive for Herpes B.

06/12/01 Mississippi - 1-year-old pet vervet bites and scratches child. Same monkey had previously scratched another child.

06/11/01 Texas - Woman claims that several monkeys escape from cages at the Austin Zoo, and attack and bit her.

05/12/01 Florida - Officials search in vain for pet monkey owner who brought a monkey to a festival, where it bit and scratched a man on the arm.

05/09/01 Tennessee - Three monkeys are confiscated, along with nearly 200 other animals, at farm of elderly lady in Bedford County.

04/26/01 Alabama - An 8-month-old capuchin monkey was stolen from Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

04/19/01 Missouri - Chimpanzee "Suzy" was shot and killed by 17-year-old boy after she escaped the Chimp Party compound. Chimp Party sells chimpanzees and other primates into entertainment and the pet trade.

02/27/01 New Zealand - A 5-year-old capuchin monkey "bolted" during the filming of a BBC movie ("The Lost World"). After serious search, the owner has given up hope of finding the monkey alive.

02/19/01 Canada - A 6-year-old girl has a portion of her finger bitten off by a spider monkey at a petting zoo in Stevensville.

02/05/01 California - 10-year-old vervet ("Oliver") bites owner. Monkey has bitten owner on previous occassions.