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PCWS - Past Action Items

In 1999 PCWS launched our Primates in Entertainment campaign, a parallel to our on-going Primates As Pets campaign. We spear-headed a letter-writing campaign against The Chimp Channel, a Turner Broadcasting Production. As a result of these efforts, production of the series was halted in December 1999.

In addition, PCWS has actively campaigned against the use of non-human primates in several films such as "Being John Malkovich", in which a very young chimpanzee was used. In addition, we campaigned against the use of chimpanzees and several species of monkeys in television commercials for companies such as Glad, Inc. Nortel, Coinstar, Yahoo, SmartBot, Kelloggs, Sony, Kraft and Toy Max. Please see our current action page to find out how you can lend your support to on-going campaigns.