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PJ in her Current Enclosure
The Story of PJ

PJ, a 27 year old capuchin female, has been living in the offices of a dentist in Seattle, on and off, for the past twenty years. She is living in a small plexi-glass cage in the office, with an additional larger room outside of the office, and she has exhibited behaviors which indicate the immediate need for rescue. Since 1997, when animal activist Nancy Pennington discovered her, several dozen organizations have been calling, writing and otherwise taking direct action in an attempt to encourage Dr. Fleege to donate PJ to a sanctuary where she might live with fellow capuchins in a larger enclosure complete with enrichment and proper food. Until PCWS became involved in 2000, Dr. Fleege had backed out of or refused to consider any possible plans for PJ's future welfare.

Since January 2000 PCWS has had direct access to PJ on an at-will basis, and we have had numerous discussions with Dr. Fleege regarding her care and well-being. As a direct result of our efforts, PJ's day-to-day care has improved, and she has received additional enrichment in her enclosures. Although these are small steps, they are important because they have had an immediate effect on PJ's welfare. Additionally, because Dr. Fleege has yet to consent to sending PJ to sanctuary, anything which improves her daily life is something we look upon as a good thing.

However, we do not believe that PJ is living in an ideal or even moderately adequate situation. She deserves to live in a large, appropriate enclosure with, if possible, other capuchin monkeys. Thus, PCWS has decided to establish our proposed primate sanctuary in Washington. We believe that Dr. Fleege will be in a very poor position to debate PJ's longterm housing should spacious and peaceful housing be provided for her here, in this state. To that end we are asking you, our members, visitors and supporters to assist us in our plans for a primate sanctuary. Please consider adopting an acre. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of stock, bonds or materials, or consider leaving PCWS a bequest. All of these methods of support will help us purchase land in Washington - land where PJ and primates like her will live in peace.