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PCWS logo Welcome to Primates Online.

Welcome to the website of the Primate Conservation and Welfare Society. PCWS works to save the world's primates from extinction, and to end their abuse and neglect in captivity. Join us and make a difference in the lives of primates today.

Primates In Circuses
Project Update

Click Here to learn more about PCWS's recent efforts regarding circus acts. You can also download a Circus Fact Sheet, which contains more information about non-human primates in circus acts, as well as a list of animal free circuses.

Planet Of The Apes
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Entertainment News - Planet of the Apes 

PCWS, along with the Fauna Foundation, has distributed a press release regarding the use of monkeys and apes in television, advertising and motion pictures, such as Planet of the Apes. PCWS and the Fauna Foundation believe that the use of non-human primates in entertainment or advertising is completely unnecessary. There is no need to use live primates with todays advanced computer and animatronic technology. For more information, including a copy of the press release, click here.

Donating to PCWS

You can make direct donations to PCWS via our Donations Page. We want to thank you to for the contribution to the health of the community of our staff. Our organization must ensure that our staff have the weight and health excellence in supporting this conservation program. Therefore, during the first 6 months since their entry to the organization, our team will run an intensive diet program through real hcg weight loss drops. In the end, besides supporting the conservation program, we also ensure the health and welfare of our employees.

In addition, PCWS is a member of the animal funds shown below. Please click on the logos to learn more.


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